Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How many will survive?

After all the rain that we have received this week the neighborhood has lots of water puddles.  Over the holiday weekend, Parker spent the majority of his time outdoors playing with friends.  Parker is definitely an outdoors man.  He loves to be out playing.  We literally have to force the boy in to bathe and eat in the evening.  When he came home, he walked in with a Dr. Pepper can.   I asked him what are you doing with that can.  With that he responds it is Aric's.  He started heading toward to the bedroom and I said no you are not going in there with that pop can.  He said well mom I have to do something with it.  Do something with what?  I am now wondering what he is up to.  I soon find out that the boys have discovered frog eggs in some of the puddles.  He was planning on putting them in his aquarium in his room where the salamander lives.  When I found out what the plan was I quickly sent him out the door.  I don't care where you put the eggs but not in the house.  I don't even know how he knew that they were frog eggs.  After I sent him back out he was a little upset.  I followed him out and he said, Mom, I just can't let all of them die.  I have to find somewhere for them to live.   I told him put them in the bird bath. 

At first when he dumped the can there were probably 20 eggs.   By the end of the day there were more like 100.  I am not sure that there are really that many but lets just say there were a lot more.  He decided that he would collect all he could in case the puddles all dry up.

Yesterday when I came home for lunch, I drive into the driveway to find both of my children in the middle of the flowerbed, gazing into the bird bath.  As I get out of my car I am greeted with loud exclamations of the eggs have hatched mom, LOOK!!!!  Sure enough it is full of tadpoles.  When I looked at them I thought they might be mosquitoes.  I told the kids I wasn't sure if they were tadpoles but Parker said "MOM, They ARE Tadpoles, I PROMISE!"   When I came home from work today, Chris told me to look in the birdbath. He said look at all of those swimming around.  I  looked and I am guessing that they are tadpoles.  They now look more like a tadpole than mosquitoes.  I guess we will se what the next few days bring for them but what I really am worried about now is how many frogs will survive.  How many of these little guys will I have around this time next week?


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