Friday, December 4, 2009

The Johnson version of The Christmas Story

This story starts on a cold December morning, the day after Parker turns 8. I guess the subject of discussion on the bus lately has been about the scene pictured above from the all-time favorite movie The Christmas Story. As I am about to get ready for the day, I hear a pounding at the door. When I get to the front door, Madi is yelling "Momma, you have to help Mrs. Igo, Parker's tongue is stuck to the pole!"
(I must add that I was still in my pjs while all of this is happening. I was mortified!) So, without thinking I run outside. I ran out to the front yard and looked down the street to the bus stop. Mrs. Igo yells, help me, I need something to thaw out this pole so he can get his tongue off!!" At first I am thinking, Is this really happening to me. I can't believe this. I run back into the house and grab a cup and fill it full of hot water. I head back out the door to the frigid temperatures. Yes, still in my pjs and run down to the corner to where Parker is most definitely stuck to the Stop sign. I can laugh now but when I got there his poor little tongue was bleeding where he had tried to pull it off to get on the bus. I still can't believe this all took place. As soon as I got there I started pouring the water down the pole. It never crossed my mind, what if this doesn't work?, I guess I just thought that it would, and thank goodness it did. As soon as the water fell over his tongue where it was frozen to the pole it came off.
I can laugh now, knowing that he is ok and he is not scarred from this. Well at least no physical scars. I am sure that all the kids on the bus watching this hysterical site will never let him forget. After all of this took place, I felt that he should go back to the house with me so I could make sure he would be ok. I drove him to school and on the way he was very inquisitive. He wanted to know that if he stuck his tongue to wood if it would stick? He then asked about several other things, car metal, plastic....etc. I just gave him a firm verbal warning to keep his tongue in his mouth. That is where God intended it to stay. So far no more incidents...Although I am sure I am in for more along the way.


Life is all about PINK said...

I could not stop laughing when mom told me this story! That's so funny!

In this wonderful life... said...

oh my goodness!!! Glad all is okay! cute kiddos!

Cindy's Cache said...

A classic! I still wish we had a video or picture and then we all could retire! A story for the ages!